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Baby Bumps & Sunshine

Hiiiii again!

I haven't posted here in quite some time! almost a year to be exact, lol. I've decided to start updating my blog because, well, I'm old fashioned and blogging is more important to me because I can share the entire sessions I shoot rather than have to highlight it with just one single photo on other social media.

SO without any more of a wait, please get your eyes ready for the most dreamy maternity session I shot a few days ago. Keep in mind I pretty much strictly do weddings. That being said I am always reluctant to shoot anything else because my mind is always geared for an 8-12 hour work day shooting. I always forget the joy of capturing these special moments. I need to take more time to do things like this. I It gets my creative mind flowing and opens up a door in my brain that gets me excited for what I do again.

Meet Ally & Chris. They are bringing baby Roman into this world, and could not be sweeter, more kind, or more photogenic than they were for this!

When it looks like a desert but really is just a cool spot we found due to my typical lake spot being closed off. Score!

I looooove saying weird things & making my clients get a reallll smile in.

That's it! One of my most beautiful sessions that I've ever shot.

Thanks for viewing'. See ya!